Sunday, September 12, 2010

The 2010 MTV Video Music Awards

Welcome to the 2010 MTV VMAs recap, folks! We're jumping right into it since that's how they chose to start the award shows this year:

Apparently Eminem wasn't allowed to actually enter the building until he performed at least one verse of his song, since he starts his super cereal performance in a fake backstage set that opens up and allows him to enter the deck of the Star Trek Enterprise. What's that? Oh, you're right. There's not enough lens flare for that to the Enterprise deck, so I guess that's the stage design we're going with this year. Luckily Eminem has decided to treat this stage's roof like his daughter and raise it. So much better than treating it like your blow up doll and popping it. Rihanna is here tonight wearing what can only be described as the worst anime cosplay wig, looking a bit like what would happen if manga threw up on Hot Topic. They continue Eminem's performance with "I Like The Way You Lie," which is totally not about Chris Brown beating Rihanna. Nope... Not at all. All things considered it was a decent opening but nothing really that set the stage on fire, despite them trying to make it appear that way. Of course, I'm only one reviewer. Victoria Justice appears to disagree with me in the audience.

Chelsea Handler sets the tone for her entire hosting gig tonight with a skit featuring every guy in the building slapping her fat, AARP member ass. Sexism is funny! She is bombarded with an apparently sober Lindsey Lohan who slaps her around and tells her to do the VMAs tonight sober because no one wants to work with a drunk. Great, there goes about 40% of Chelsea's comedy. It's going to be all midgets all night now.

Our first "Chelsea Handler trying too hard" moment of the night is already here as she comes out to Lady Gaga's dancers doing Bad Romance wearing a house on her head. Someone's Barbie dolls are going to be pissed. She then proceeds to release a dove from beneath her skirt... that then flies straight down and lands on a much more attractive woman's knee. They kind of stand there dumbfounded waiting for the dove to do something interesting. Let's let that dove host instead!

She manages to get two words into her first sentence and is bleeped when asking Lady Gaga how she wears all that shit on her head. She then points out that she's the first female host since 1994, which I believe was Rosanne Barr. She quickly makes an outdated Justin Timberlake/Britney Spears joke and jumps right into asking the crowd to get naked. She then points out that she was able to sneak weapons into the theater because security didn't care to check her, because she's white. She then calls Beyonce and Lady Gaga "leotarded." So we have outdated unfunny joke, racist joke, and retard joke all in quick succession!

She then introduces the Jersey Shore cast, which the audience cheers. Chelsea gets her one good joke out by telling the audience to shut up and stop cheering them, since they are the reason MTV doesn't play videos anymore. Chelsea is definitely high on crack tonight as she doesn't stop to breathe and jumps right into Mel Gibson jokes and Justin Bieber looks like a Lesbian jokes. Her entire monologue was written by random drunk facebook wall posts from Rolling Stone's fan page. She ends her triumphant monologue of mediocrity by bringing a self defense target out to punch to demonstrate how to stop someone from Kanye West'ing you tonight.

Ellen is here to not be a host on American Idol anymore and give out the award for Best Female Video! The nominees are Beyonce for Videophone, Ke$ha for Tik-Tok, Katy Perry for California Gurls, Lady Gaga for Bad Romance, and Taylor Swift for Fifteen. Oh no, Taylor might win the first award again this year... Someone hold Kanye back.

Psyche! Tonight is the annual MTV Lady Gaga Awards, as she has now officially won all three of the awards given out so far, including Best Dance Video and Best Collaboration given out during the pre-show. The theme of her dress tonight is Montezuma's Revenge. Lady Gaga gives us a speech where she doesn't thank god but she thanks the gays. Somewhere out there Fox News is exploding as we watch this.

Tonight's commercial break death match will be MTV Reality Shows vs. Microsoft Kinect and Halo: Reach. We start his battle off right with MTV Reality Shows being the first commercial out with a World of Jenks spot. It's officially 1-0! For the record, VH-1 reality shows do not count, Bret Michaels: Life As I Know it.

The cast of Jackass 3D are here to embarrass us all... in 3D! We cut to a clip of them doing what Jackasses do, hitting Bam Margeria in the face with a giant hand as if he isn't already one step closer to the edge. They are here for Best Rock Video, nominees including MGMT, Flo + the Machine, 30 Seconds to Mars, Muse, and Paramore's Ignorance. I pledge my allegiance with the band with the singer who flashed her tits. Our first letdown of the night as 30 Seconds To Mars wins despite the fact that MTV barely played the video they were nominated for. MTV responds to cutting to the director's van instead of Jared Leto's mic. They give you their usual "This is the fans award" speech as Leto is not going to show an ounce of charisma or fun tonight.

Kim Kardashian is here to claim to be a pedophile for Justin Bieber, who she has to stay 51 feet away from at all times. They call her a fashion icon as the term fashion icon loses all meaning. You guys will forgive me if I just tune out for the next 4 minutes, won't you? Here's the recap you'd miss: girls scream, Usher looks creepy next to Bieber, more girls screaming, even more girls screaming, screaming girls, and finally girls shrieking for a change of pace.

MTV is not messing around when it comes to confusing it's audience with the real importance of tonight as we start the second commercial break with the second MTV reality show commercial, this time for the Buried Life. That brings the cage match to 2-to-0. Since that commercial was followed by the Morning After pill, I'm wondering if maybe picking video games as their competition was a big mistake.

The 2010 MTV Video Music Awards Preshow

Ladies and gentlemens, summer is almost done and MTV has a whole suite of new Reality Shows to debut. That can only mean one thing: it's Video Music Awards time! Has it truly been a year already since the 2009 Hate Kanye West For Being The Terrible Person He Is-athon? My how time flies when the collective hive mind of the internet has a single pop culture target to hate.

Before we get to the show, time to lay down the annual ground rules of the annual VMA recapping: I will be updating the upcoming "2010 Video Music Awards" post and this preshow post every commercial break updating you on what trivial and probably embarrassing for Viacom thing happens so you don't have to watch it yourself. I will also be updating my twitter feed every half hour or so with the major happenings in case you want a cliff's notes version of the night.

Much like the past two years, we're going to be having a commercial cage match throughout the night, counting what advertiser or TV show truly has its hand in MTV's back pocket and will lead teenagers throughout the next year to Media Nirvana. This year our competition will be between MTV Reality Shows (Especially Jersey Shore and the shows destined for quick burial/cancellation like the World of Jenks) vs. Microsoft's Halo: Reach. You might say this is an unfair competition, but I'm sure Microsoft wants to reach out to that every popular male demographic tonight. Perhaps if it becomes a landslide, I'll let Microsoft Kinect run in and join up as a tag team.

So what's on tap for tonight? Well, here in the pre-show we most likely have a tedious hour of Sway's hat to deal with. We also have a performance from Nicky Minaj which I'm sure will include a wig of some sort and a lot of funny muppet voices in her flow. Perhaps she'll take a cue from Lady Gaga last year and just show up with a muppet on her arm. Let's all cross our fingers and hope for Same the Eagle!

The main show's outlook is a bit more grim. We have a first time host this year in Chelsea Handler, a "comedian" known for barely being able to tell her own jokes without ruining the punchline by laughing at her own "wit." She has been steadily driving away viewers from her Chelsea Lately show all summer by putting on the bare minimum of effort since she dumped/was dumped by her former boyfriend, the head of Comcast who gave her the show in the first place. So this must be Viacom's gift for a shitty job done even shittier. Since 99.9% of Chelsea's "schtick" involves midgets and "I'm such a whore" jokes, I'd wager that 99.9% of what she says tonight will be censored and not at all funny.

The VMA Pre-Show has begun! And we start off by letting everyone know exactly what matters in the world of music today: the Jersey Shore and one dude watching another dude get lucky while eating a sandwich! We just rolled over to 8 PM EST here and we've already have our first technical glitch of the Pre-Show (first of many!) as Sway tosses over to a preview of the next Jersey Shore and MTV decides to ejaculate all over downtown LA instead.

We cut to a really awkward MTV News opening that I don't think Sway anticipated along with MTV News British reporter. He lets us know that tonight's VMAs are all about collaborations, a theme they could have started conveying a bit earlier than just this second. Instead we received commercial after commercial featuring weird 40s newsreels or parodies of the videos nominated or bad Chelsea Handler humor.

British Newscaster lets us know that MTV has to start the VMAs off in style, ignoring that Sway said the same thing when he brought out the Jersey Shore guys. He brings out New Jersey's own Drake, who proceeds to ramble a bit until British guy starts harping on Nicky Minaj's backside. This wakes Drake up for the first time tonight! Just when Drake's mind is finally in the game, British newscaster shrugs him off and forces him to stay behind with the fans on the red carpet.

We are being thrown around like cracked up Zsu Zsu pets tonight, as we bounce over to MTV's cheap Perez Hilton stand-in who is with Paramore. He brings up what we're all thinking: that Hayley Williams doing a rap record with B.o.B. (which they'll be performing later) she is just one step away from a full Gwen Stefani. Hayley, to her credit, laughs it off but you can see the glint of truth in her eyes as she says she's working with Harijuku Girls and Pharell.

MTV's viewers apparently picked Suchin Park's outfit for tonight and they picked an Arabian rug. She interviews B.o.B. or someone who won't talk about anything but how good Suchin looks. Yellow fever is running wild on the VMAs tonight. We cut to MTV's first twitter-jockey, who tries way too hard to force MTV's viewers to promote the show for free on Twitter. Hey, wannabe comedians and asshats, use the hashtag #IfBieberMetGaga to make all your MTV approved statutory rape jokes you can.

We cut back to Sway on this apparently never ending pre-show as he talks with Katy Perry, who is the first to mention that's she's wearing a figure skating outfit instead of a dress. She inconveniently recommends mixing free alcohol with cold medicine on Viacom's dime while harping on how sick she just happens to be tonight. She hasn't even seen Nicky Minaj's performance yet! Sway cuts her off to cut to the most important thing tonight: that Jersey Shore preview! Thank god MTV is there to let us know exactly what's driving popular music today.

Even though I added my two cents and contributed to the problem, it warms my heart that "Uncle Nino" is trending right now on Twitter but "IfBieberMetGaga" isn't.

More technical difficulties as Jay Sean's entrance/free advertising for the Honda CRZ is screwed up by the director not giving him any kind of clue on to when to leave his vehicle. He meets up with British Newscaster who continues his trend of ignoring all celebrities and musicians tonight as he wants to hit on hired female extras. As god is his witness, he's losing his virginity tonight! We continue the theme of all VJs only asking their guests about Nicky Minaj as well. Did you know she's performing on the preshow?

We are not even 20 minutes into this pre-show and we are now cutting to another interview/plug for the Jersey Shore as Shuchin has Snookie here. This might be the first time Shuchin has EVER towered over anyone, as she appears to be 2 feet taller than the Jersey Shore pickle troll. Shuchin calls Snookie a fashion icon and can barely read the teleprompter without laughing.

First award of the night: Dance Video of the Year! The nominees mean absolutely nothing as this award instantly goes to Lady Gaga for Bad Romance.

Second award of the night all in your eyeballs: Collaboration of the Year! The nominees are once again meaningless as this award instantly goes to Lady Gaga and Beyonce for Telephone.

They've spent 10 minutes advertising the Jersey Shore for every award given out tonight so far. Even in Video Music Awards we're paying retail prices here.

We're back from commercial with 30 Seconds To Mars, nominated for 4 awards tonight for their Kings & Queens video which, while definitely decent, MTV played maybe only once or twice all year. They re-create the video by showing up with a bunch of people on bikes and Jared Leto continues his streak of pre-show interviews where he barely shows interest in the process as British Newscaster only wants to talk about which girls Jared wants to bang. Jared Leto, consummate professional, actually tells him to shut the fuck up and notice that they have 20-25 hired extras behind them having a pillow fight happening RIGHT NOW, which is slightly more important than Jared wanting to bone Snookie.

Once again proving what tonight is about, MTV reality shows, we go back to Perez Hilton-lite who is with MTV's Jenks, who has a show where he goes around living other people's lives for a period of time. This show is totally original and I'm pretty sure it only took him about 30 days to think of this concept.

Usher is here with his creepily underage heterosexual life-mate, the Biebs! What if Bieber Told Usher No indeed. Since they are being interviewed by Sway, he pretends to know about and care about their music in lieu of tonight's theme of only harping on which female artist we all secretly masturbate to.

Oh my god, guys. Nicky Minaj is here to perform as a background character from the Jetsons with Will.I.Am and she's lip syncing it old skool tonight! They perform their song where they sample the Buggles "Video Kills The Radio Star" with almost no knowledge of the unintentional irony of performing a song with that sample on a show that's been used to promote the Jersey Shore exclusively tonight. Will joins her onstage dressed up like what the Back to the Future people thought people would look like in the year 2015 and we have a weird effect where he's rapping/singing off-key over his back-up track that was auto-tuned. It's like getting gang banged in the ears by the Black Eyed Peas! The performance really starts picking up when Minaj gives up any pretense of pretending to perform live and just starts shaking her ass into the camera. If this is any indication of what kind of night we have ahead of ourselves, British Newscaster might never ever be able to wear tight jeans again. As if saying his name 3 times causes him to appear, here is British Newscaster who glosses over the night's upcoming performances to go back to hitting on models. Someone mail this guy one enveloped blow job stat.

Now we are interrupting MTV promoting itself so MTV can promote itself so more. Perez Hilton-lite is here with the Jackass crew to advertise Jackass 3D, coming out in October and ruining the concept of 3D as innovative around the same time. They make some jokes about discharging semen and doing stunts with Bieber before they get cut off so we can see footage of the Jersey Shore gang watching a sneak preview of the movie. I wonder if the people who are employees of Viacom will like this Viacom movie! We have literally opened MTV's Pandora's Box of self congratulations and masturbation at this point.

For the record: we are now advertising the Jersey Shore for for 25 minutes for every award given out.

Sway is here with B.o.B. who I apparently confused with someone else earlier. He's only here to stand around angry as Sway introduces us to an exclusive Kanye West video clip. Man, Kanye isn't even here yet and he's already interrupting things. The video lasts about a minute and apparently lets us know that he is the only person who can save angels or Harvey Birdman's Birdgirl from random Michael Bay explosions. Come with Kanye if you want to leave!

We go back to British Newscaster with Ke$ha, who apparently is wearing a bunch of old weaves and hefty bags. British Newscaster doesn't even try to play coy tonight as he points out that she looks like trash... "in a good way" in his own words. She takes it as a compliment since she might be too stoned to care about what some British toadie has to say about her. She arrived in a Delorean which British Newscaster, not at all pretending he knows what he's doing here tonight at this point, asks if she owns. Of course she doesn't, Sir WantsToBangAnythingWithAPulse. This is an MTV award show. You guys pay for the rental of these things. This isn't even your first VMAs, you idiot. For the love of god, during this next commercial break, someone show him to a private bathroom so he can jerk it and go back to being somewhat competent.

We are moments away from the VMAs which brings us Sway's biggest interview of the night: Lady Gaga. She is cosplaying as a Phoenix Pokemon. Sway brings up the fact that she already won the first two awards, to which Gaga actually has to ask which ones since no one but myself is paying attention to this mess. Lady Gaga is actually here for a good cause tonight since she's with discharged soldiers who left due to the Army's Don't Ask Don't Tell policy. Sway cautiously avoids her cause and tosses back to the white carpet for the last time before the real show hits. We're about to have the show open with Eminem and British Newscaster can finally go pay a hooker for a quickie behind the Bieber tent. I will see you during the big show!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards

Welcome to the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. We'll be recapping the event live as it happens!

Keep in mind, during commercials, we'll be having a Texas Tornado Iron Man Tables Ladders and Chairs deathmatch between two of the most overplayed commercials on MTV today: commercials for the new season of the Hills and the commercials for Rockband: the Beatles. Whoever is played more tonight is the winner of this fake award I just made up, which holds just about as much esteem as any award given out tonight.

Madonna is here to pump up the audience... by harping on Michael Jackson never having a childhood. Awkward doesn't begin to describe the feeling in the room as Joe Jackson is sitting near the front as a guest of honor. We know what Madonna is saying is true and heart wrenching because Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz is almost crying. He better not, that'll completely screw up his eyeliner.

Madonna proceeds to read off the teleprompter a deep and personal story about the first time she went out with Michael Jackson with the pose of a Danielle Steele romance novel. The audience of celebrities is hanging on her every word, which only makes her fake British accent come out even more.

Somehow, she actually gets to mention the child molestation witch hunts to a now stunned audience. Whatever she says now, just imagine how hard Russell Brand will have to work with his monologue when this is over. He's going to have to think up so many euphemisms for his own penis and funny metaphors for sex to bring a smile to this audience.

Cue the Michael Jackson tribute, which consists mainly of dancers dressed in various era Michael Jackson garb dancing to Michael Jackson videos. In the audience, you can almost hear the cash register crash in Joe Jackson's mind as he realizes people would pay to see this on Broadway. I do feel bad for those who are forced to dress like Black and White/Dangerous-era Jacko, though, as everyone else gets satin and sequins and they get a white shirt.

Janet then jumps onstage to sing along with Scream, and apparently she takes the point of the song way too literally and screams in a guttural yell usually only reserved for Cradle of Filth music videos. But even if she's screaming and off-key, it proves that she's singing here live, something she has yet to do at any other VMA ever.

Except to see "A Father's Tribute To His Son: The King of Pop" open up on Broadway before the end of the week.

We officially open the show with a very heavy industrial beat and Katy Perry singing "We Will Rock You" somehow. Talk about a jarring cut from a heartfelt tribute to a fallen brother by his sister... But it does give us Joe Perry playing Queen on lead guitar, and he needs something to do now that his lead singer can't seem to keep from falling off stages. I guess Singing For Aerosmith Is So Hard On The Knees. This is, of course, all a grand entrance for Russell Brand as we get a big lit billboard for his name and flames onstage the likes of which make the surviving members of Great White pee themselves a little.

Let's see how long it takes for Russell to get himself bleeped out by the censors over a Michael Jackson joke. He starts with a joke about Katy Perry's vagina, just like Michael Jackson would have wanted. He then changes topics so fast to avoid being kicked off the air that you'd think I accidentally changed the channel.

How did Jimmy Fallon get a ticket to this? Could I have been invited if I only asked?

And we get our first bleep of the night, as Russell Brand kisses Lady Gaga's ass over the recent hermaphrodite rumors. And we've got our first nickname for his own penis of the night! Tonight it's "Sack of Magic And Wand."

By the law of averages, 45% of his monologue was bleeped.

And your winner for Best Female Video of the Year is Taylor Swift, proving that wearing George Burns' glasses truly means you are playing a character that is totally not just yourself in George Burns' glasses.

Kanye West just bum rushes the stage to bitch about Beyonce not winning. Proving that his temper tantrums tonight will not be limited to his own videos or music. The audience actually boos him and Taylor Swift looks like West just took a running kick to her crotch. The producers, ever the gentlemen, respond by awkwardly cutting to a Best New Artist skit. That truly was a tribute to Sour Grapes the world over. Expect Kanye West to be the 4th Fanta Fantana Dancer, as Kanye "Sour Grapes" West. Expect Kanye to jump the stage and yell at you after ever award and he demands to know why his friends didn't win instead.

When you think about it, which pick should have won: a black and white video that features 3 women dancing in leotards only without any real innovation or new imagery or a video where a blond singer puts on a black wig to pretend to play the evil girl who hates her? The answer is neither, Lady Gaga should have won so we could sit through her acceptance speech and explanation for why half her face appears to be melting.

For the record: this show is already 1/5th over and we only have had enough time for 1 award to be given out and 1 temper tantrum from Kanye. They better speed these things up if they want to get all of Kanye's irate outbursts in their time slot.

Somehow, Russell Brand is finding a way to get half of his cry for peace and love bleeped by the censored.

Jack Black is here doing his damnedest to promote Brutal Legend, a video game you all should be pre-ordering instead of watching this. Apparently the concept of video game is above Russell Brand as he describes it as a "computer video game thingie with pictures and music and stuff and moving things and a bunny." Jack in full Brutal Legend costume is here with that Gossip Girl from Good Girls Gone Bad to give us Best Rock Video. Sadly, it does defeat the purpose of having Jack Black there if the first video nominee shown is Coldplay and it only gets pussier from there.

And Best Rock Video goes to Green Day, as MTV feverishly tries to build them as the next U2 or Beatles because Bono is getting old and they are tired of paying royalty checks to Yoko Ono. Also, I'm sure their win has nothing to do with the fact that they are the only nominee that are scheduled to perform tonight. No siree, Bob. You can sense the fear of any award winner tonight that Kanye is mere feet away from jumping the stage and interrupting their speech.

Up next, is iCarly with that 15 year old Man of the Evening we heard about during the pre-show who is apparently a singer or something as they are here to introduce Taylor Swift performing live. She's coming to us live from the subways of New York, which is odd since her stage parents and handlers usually don't let her anywhere near where poor people might congregate. She continues to sing the new anthem of the next American Civil War: People who wear Short Skirts and People who wear T-shirts, choose your side and pick up an AK-47. We've been living together in clothes-related peace for too long. It's time to make this country safe to wear short skirts for all!

Her performance is exactly what you'd expect it to be, her surrounded by models and extras hired to pretend like they care about the song when they really just want air-time. They gave her at least 4 different chances to fall down a flight of stairs on live television to make a historical moment, and she failed that.

Kanye West jumps on camera at the end of her performance to say her song is bad and she should feel bad and Beyonce should be performing instead. We cut to commercial as MTV officials lead Kanye off to the Klonopin tent, explaining that Beyonce is performing later.

Sadly, commercials for the City do not count as commercials for the Hills in tonight's commercial deathmatch. I only created this battle of the advertisements, I did not create the rules.

Ironically, they bleep out the word "Hoe" at least 30 times during 3OH!3's 30 second performance but they somehow get Pete Wentz past the censors. He's here with his own personal pet, the guy from Cobra Starship, as they introduce Lady Gaga performing as we all play pretend that she actually fell off the roof on a chandelier. Bonus points to MTV for not telling the presenters what would happen, as Fall Out Boy and Cobra Starship literally looked scared as they ran offstage.

Lady Gaga, more than just pretending to die a tragic death by falling tonight, is also here to dispel the rumor that she has a penis. She does so by wearing a leotard so tie you could probably throw a certs from the audience and she could catch it with her cameltoe.

And now her breasts appear to be menstruating. It's funny how much of this performance is going over the heads of the celebrities they are cutting to when it's really not that deep at all. So far it's the best performance of the night by the sheer benefit of not being Taylor Swift or a tribute to Michael Jackson. You depend on how proud the Gaga should feel for earning that title from me.

And we have a Hills commercial! That means it's Hills 1, Beatles 0 in tonight's Viacom-approved Commercial Texas Tornado Tables Ladders and Chairs Cage match. Pop culture as a whole already weeps at that last statement.

Russell Brand is here to verbally rape Megan Fox to appear to be heterosexual. Of course as he talks about drugging and sexing up Megan, they cut to a reaction shot of Katy Perry, because Megan Fox is such an overblown bitch that even MTV has decided to join the media boycott on her.

For some reason, there are 40,000 cobras released into the audience as Kristin Cavallari and Nelli Furtado introduce the nominees for best pop video. Either that or the entire audience decided to hiss for some reason. Since this is an award dominated by female nominations, expect Kanye to throw another temper tantrum in mere seconds.

And your winner for Best Pop Video is... Britney Spears. My god, Kanye's head just exploded. Britney couldn't be there tonight, so she accepts the Moon Man from satellite and the audience boos that. This audience is on a hair trigger tonight and will turn on anyone or anything.

Yay, the Media Boycott of Megan Fox has been lifted... either that or a blow up doll has been thrown onstage, as she introduces Green Day with some other guy I couldn't be bothered to recognize. They are here to introduce Green Day, who won an award for Best Rock Video earlier not at all because they are performing right now. Noooooope, that was completely unrelated. *cough*

Ladies and gentlemen, apparently Billie Joe Armstrong was in a bleach fight earlier today judging by his hair and yet he is still here to perform for each and every one of us. That's showmanship.

Green Day then decides to invite the audience up onstage, which would have been a perfect time for Kanye West to join in. Too bad he's being locked up in Sway's hat to avoid any future outbursts. Somehow the entire performance becomes a weird mimic of how the band would sound if played by mediocre Rockband players, complete with white noise and dropping the instruments after the song is done. Even by Green Day standards, the entire performance seemed to be lacki... LET'S HEAR IT NEW YORK CITY!

30 Helens Agree: the performances we keep getting cut into and from as commercial bumpers are better than the ones we were forced to sit through tonight.

The cast of Twilight Saga: New Moon are out to prove yet again that tonight is less about music and more about promoting this stupid movie to teenage girls. Case in point, they are using Video Music Awards time to air a trailer for New Moon. Which is a commercial in the traditional sense. A commercial for something that is not even in the least bit music based. Where is Kanye West to bitch out this bullshit?

Now to recap the New Moon trailer: Gay. Gay. Sparkles. Gay. Drama. Gay. Gay. Gay. Drama. More Drama. Gay. Gay. Gay. Gay. Gay.

The audience responds in kind to the trailer by yawning. These celebrities cannot be bothered to care tonight.

Ne-yo and some white guy are here now to introduce another performance, this time by Beyonce. Somewhere Kanye West is finally content in his heart of hearts and can stop trying to bite the handcuffs off his wrists. To show how innovative her music is, Beyonce is apparently performing from within a showing of Laser Floyd tonight. That quickly ends as Beyonce performs Single Ladies doing the exact same dance for the 800th time on TV. They respond by cutting to Katy Perry yet again for her response, which appears to be schoolgirl giddiness. One of the single ladies dancing onstage just might be Lunell from Borat... That or Sisquo in drag.

Tonight's Beyonce performance has been brought to you by Nair leg wax, nipple tape, and A-DAT backing vocal playback machines apparently, as she just gives up and doesn't even attempt to fake singing during the chorus.

P-Diddy and Meadow Soprano are here to announce the winner for Best Rap Video. P Diddy, by law of teleprompter, has to say Kanye's name and the crowd suddenly turns into Wrestlemania and starts booing wildly and cheering "Taylor Taylor." One must question if maybe Kanye has tantrum'd once too much here.

Dear God: Please let Kanye win this award somehow.

The crowd even boo his part of the nominee package. NEVER piss off Radio City Music Hall.

Oh thank god, TI won the award but he couldn't be here because he's in jail. If Kanye would have won, Radio City Music Hall would have literally collapsed onto him in a self-made ego black hole mixed with audience hatred.

Up next, a band almost no one in the audience has ever heard of performs at a level at least 3 steps higher than any other performer could reach tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, let's sit back and enjoy Muse.

Notice Muse doesn't have to keep yelling "Let's hear it New York" because the lead singer can remember his own lyrics. During a night where people are having problems playing just one instrument, Muse easily has the performance of the night because the lead singer is singing, playing guitar, and keyboards at the same time. Too bad no one will remember who they were come tomorrow when temper tantrums and Twilight take over most of the media coverage of this event.

And we finally have a Beatles sighting! That brings our Texas Tornado Tables Ladders and Chairs Cage Match to the Hills 1 and the Beatles 1. It's a dead tie! Made even more dead since half of one side is George Harrelson and John Lennon.

MTV proves why they are a Music Channel first and foremost by cutting away from Muse continuing to tear the house down to show commercials for Taco Bell.

We come back from commercial with the All-American Rejects performing "Gives You Hell" and introducing their brand new lead singer: Nathan Dayspring Summers. Someone find the cure for the All American Rejects Techno-Organic Virus today!

Jennifer Lopez is here to present Best Hip Hop Video, which is apparently different from Best Rap Video because they say so. Either way, it's another Moon Man for Kanye to not win!

Completely unrelated: If you exist, God, please let Kanye win!

Thankfully Eminem was able to interrupt his busy schedule of fucking the reader up the ass on the last page of the Wanted Graphic Novel to accept his award tonight.

Kid Cudi is out to perform his new song, which features Kanye West, in tribute of DJ AM. Will Kanye show up to perform, too? And will the crowd boo during a tribute? Of course not, we have important commercials to get to.

We cut away from the very important commercials to have a recap of just how historic this night has been by the gay guy MTV hired to fill in for Perez Hilton because he costs too much. He tells us to do something that I ignore because his gushing about Madonna made me throw up in my mouth a little.

For a host, Russell Brand has barely been on tonight and what little time he has been on has been bleeped out. However, he does get time to call Traci Morgan a "Great Comedy Legend," proving why real stand up comedians hate Russell Brand. Morgan and Eminem are out to announce the winner of Best New Artist.

And the audience wins, because Best New Artist is Lady Gaga. This should be a fun acceptance speech. For some reason they bleep out "Moon Man," me thinks something is getting a little trigger happy on the killswitch tonight because of Brand. They also almost bleeped out "Fans." She says her award is for "God and for the Gays" which I'm sure won't be overblown and picked apart by Fox News tomorrow.

Hey, did you know Pink has played over 400 sold out "shorts" in the last few years? According to her introduction she has! And here she is to perform Sober, which might be one of the most painfully morose songs of the year. Lyrics were provided by a 9th grade goth's poetry diary.

Keep in mind, a decade ago Lil' Kim wore nothing but a pasty on a breast onstage. Pink has to cheat and wear a nude body skirt with a fake pasty on it while doing Trapeze routines a retarded clown could float through with ease.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Hills 2/Beatles 1. We all should be ashamed for ourselves.

Oh thank god, there's another Beatles ad. We're back to a tie, 2 for 2 in the Cage Match Viacom-Approved Commercial Deathmatch!

Tonight's VMAs are brought to you by Hyperbole apparently, as Jimmy Fallon is introduced as "This Generation's David Letterman." He's here with Andy Whatshisface to introduce Video of the Year and they break out into Boyz II Men, which Beyonce joins from the crowd in what might be the only entertaining thing she has ever done. The crowd is still deathly against Kanye during the nominee package.

Your Video of the Year: Beyonce. Proving that they gave the earlier award to Taylor because they knew Beyonce would get hers at the end. Beyonce actually makes up for Kanye's douchebaggery and brings Taylor out to share the Video of the Year spotlight with her in an incredible show of good sportsmanship. God damn you, Kanye, making me respect Beyonce. Beyonce stands back and Taylor gives the acceptance speech Kanye interrupted earlier and she actually looks happy to share the stage with Taylor. I'll say this: this makes Taylor and Beyonce look like the real winners while Kanye gets boos and absolutely no awards, as it should be. Maybe the twitter and myspace generation will continue this backlash and Kanye will be forced to take de-douchifying classes.

With that said, please let Jay-Z perform "Run This Town" with Rhianna and Kanye. Just to see Kanye get boo'd offstage.

Tonight will live in the annuals of history as the night Kanye west picked on a teenage girl and killed his career. That's the only memorable thing to happen this entire show next to Lady Gaga's breasts having their period onstage.

In the ultimate tribute to New York, Jay-Z and Alicia Keyes' performance will end when a 747 flies into it.

For the record, yes, Jay-Z just rhymed Bob Marley with Bob Marley. He couldn't even pull out a Marley and Me reference? And this is closing the show?

I give you the lyrics to Jay-Z's next hit single: "G-Spot rocks the G-Spot." First rhyming chose Bubba Sparxxx and now it chose him!

It's kind of ironic that this year's VMAs end with the continued exploitation of a corpse that MTV itself exploited for every penny when it was still alive. But really folks, go see This Is It live in Real3D for two weeks only next month! Do it now and reward Joe Jackson for his lifetime of child abuse that eventually led to Michael's death.

For the first time in years, the VMAs actually end on time, most likely because Kanye West bought them 5 minutes by cutting Taylor Swift's acceptance speech short.

All in all, we ended with a dead tie between the Beatles and the Hills, showing how cultural bankrupt people who used to like Kanye West are somehow. And if watching TV is supposed to yield learning and education, we all learned that yelling at an 18 year old girl with millions of internet savvy fans might not be the best idea for one's career.

The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards Preshow

Ladies and gentlemen, pop culture junkies and multimedia whores, I'm here yet again for what seems like the 15th year in a row to bring you a live recap of the MTV VMAs as they were meant to be broughten: full of snark and with absolutely no respect nor admiration to the performers contained within.

First to lay down the general ground rules that we will be playing by tonight: our live recap will be updated every commercial break, so you can check out the television room and then come hit refresh during the most likely neverending ads for Taco Bell. Every half hour or such I will be updating my twitter page with a general overview of what we've discussed thus far right here.

Much like last year, we will have a commercial Texas Tornado Cage Match With Tables. Now last year's epic battle between and Taco Bell failed to be both a battle nor epic, but I brought out my monkey wench and fixed that for 2009. This year we present a death match the likes of which has never been seen so far this year:

The Hills vs. Rockband: Beatles

Obviously since MTV and Viacom have a stake in both of these combatants, I imagine we'll be seeing a much closer race this year in the numbers of annoying commercials played.

Much like prior years, it appears they put anyone with any kind of live show production experience on the VMAs themselves and let the children of cameramen and interns produce the preshow. All the awkward transitions and dead air of a college radio station without having to listen to Bob Marley!

Sway and his hat show us some live footage of Lady Gaga arriving at Radio City Music Hall while mentioning she brought with her a very special guest... without ever showing us the guest. Good work, Sway's hat.

Apparently this year MTV went to the utmost and foremost authority on high fashion: some girl from Twilight with zero interview experience who stole her dress and make-up from an extra in the Thriller video. Her first interview of the night happens to be with the least fashion forward people in the room, Green Day, and yet she still proceeds to ask them what they are wearing. They proceed to ignore her and stare at the camera with just enough enthusiasm to pretend they care.

Much like every other cable station this year, the theme seems to be twitter, so MTV has iJustine over the marquee of Radio City Music Hall in front of a TV screen that doesn't display any text from tweets, but she assures us that this technology is really great and it'll change the world forever.

Another awkward segue back to Sway as he literally sexually assaults Shakira during their interview. She responds with a smile and a look in her eyes that says "Where is my restraining order" as he admits to masturbating to her furiously in her latest video. She quickly runs away, so Sway is left to cry alone.

Finally we see who Lady Gaga arrived with... Kermit the Frog! And during an interview with both of them, Lady repeatedly makes jokes about having sex with the hand puppet and Kermit tries desperately to keep everything G-rated but fails almost as miserably as Sway did at hitting on Shakira. Vegas odds on what Lady Gaga is on? Xanax is at 2-1, Vicodin 5-1, and Oxycontin is even odds.

Whatever Lady Gaga is on, she's sharing it with Twilight Thriller Zombie Fashionista Girl, as she mumbles her way through an interview with her own movie co-star. He sheepishly admits that he has no clue who is performing tonight, so she rattles off a list of anyone she might have heard mentioned in the last 5 minutes, proving that a parrot could have done her job just as well.

Sway is with Buzz Aldrin to give us the award for Best Breakthrough Video, but instead they do a comedy bit about peeing on the wood. Check out Sway and Buzz Aldrin and Sway's Hat this fall on the Vaudeville stage. Sway them kindly reminds Buzz that he's there to read off the nominees for Breakthrough Video, but Buzz is distracted by the award itself. He breaks the cardinal rule and asks Sway what it's made of, followed by guessing "Aluminum?" Sway, embarrassed that Buzz guessed it right instantly, smiles and says, "No way, platinum!" Then he holds Buzz at gunpoint as Buzz fumbles his way through a list of bands and songs he never heard of. In his mind, the Best Breakthrough Video of this year was obviously Frank Sinatra's "Ain't It A Kick In The Head."

And your winner for Breakthrough Video: Matt and Kim's Lessons Learned. Fans of fake nudity and streaking through Times Square are going crazy right now! It should be noted that none of the nominees for this award were ever played on MTV.

It's at this point in the pre-show that I realize I'm being way more awake/verbose/excited about this event than Twilight Thriller Zombie Girl as she could barely stay awake long enough to read a teleprompter about some kind of "airband" contest winners brought to you by Sears. What did they win? They won the rights to jump around like idiots on the red carpet earlier today when the only other people there were the carpenters setting it up. Great prize for the children, Sears and MTV! You could have at least let them pet Sway's hat.

And we are back with MTV's British correspondent as Taylor Swift arrives in a horse drawn princess carriage, making sure all creepy pedophiles of the world can still pretend she's not 18 yet. Once again, the hosts only seem to want to talk about other people with their interviewees, so the British guy seems to be enamored with Kermit the Frog and Lady Gaga, which generally seems to please Taylor since she doesn't have to think too hard to answer any of these questions.

Did you know V-Cast by Verizon Wireless is all over the backstage area? And they are giving us crappy camera phone footage of girls screaming! Wow, it's like seeing the worst of YouTube, brought to you by Verizon.

Apparently the man of the evening is some 15 year old I never heard of, and he's here tonight with P Diddy! A girl won some kind of contest to get a shout out from random teenybopper and he proves that he has that starmaking charisma by completely forgetting the girls name. So I'd like to step in and give a shout out to this boy's manager, for forcing him into dancing and singing classes all those times he could have been learning how to read.

P Diddy steps in to salvage to interview by saying we all must "keep our legacy alive" when asked about Michael Jackson. In a rare moment of clarity, he realized what he said was fully retarded and corrects himself, creating a singularity of improbability so big it wiped out most of the east coast.

Remember past years where the VMA preshow would be full of fun performances by bands or singers that are just not quite primetime level, such as Beck or maybe the Foo Fighters? Well apparently the fun and excitement of seeing tomorrow's A-list bands perform today just wasn't fun enough. You know what's real fun? Watching Sway attempt to act like he knows who Kristin Cavallari from the Hills is! He fumbles through some awkward commercial-esque questions about her getting along with Audrina Partridge, who you would know as the star of the next #1 movie in America and next year's Best Movie Oscar Winner, Sorority Row. She keeps going on about how she's not the reason Audrina isn't there, with just as many if not more double negatives than I just used, even though no one said she was. Sway then shows he has been paying attention to what she's been saying by asking her who will win Best Rap Video. Sway's Hat really has to sue for custody of Sway's brain, because it's obvious Sway's just letting it go to waste.

Apparently Sway is a big fan of the movie Fame. Did you know that? Well apparently everyone does, because he flops that personal fact out on the poker table like it's common knowledge. He's now with the cast of the new movie Fame, who are here to bring us their music video for their modern remake of the Fame theme. Yes, it's as painful as you think it might be, complete with a new rap breakdown and the white castmates attempting to dance. You don't topple the box office juggernaut that is Sorority Row with a rap breakdown and awkward cracker dancing, Fame! Try harder and enjoy being #2 in the theaters behind what is sure to be the next Citizen Kane.

We are back from commercial with Jermaine Jackson. He promises us a big tribute to his brother tonight featuring Chris Brown, Mary J Blige, Sister Sledge, Whitney Houston, the cast of Toy Story, the last 3 Popes (both living and deceased), and Chewbacca. The British correspondent has to remind him that it appears only his sister Janet will be performing, to which Jermaine silently weeps into his lawyer's breast.

Hey, remember Fefe Dobson? You are not alone in not. She's inside the VMAs and went out clothes shopping with the lesbian not-winner from that previous season of America's Next Top Model. They choose 3 options and let the fans pick which one she will be wearing as she fills a seat tonight... and she decided to wear something else anyways. Good work, Fefe. Alienate the 4 people who remember how great that one song from you was.

Twitter is making our world a better place by pointing out that Pink and Shakira are wearing the same dress tonight. OMG, Y'ALL, CATFIGHT UP IN 'ERE.

Hey guys, Jennifer Lopez is still relevant enough to get a ticket to this show! Sadly, she is not relevant enough to be interviewed by anyone but Twilight Thriller Zombie Girl, who could not be more bored by the entire thing. Jennifer Lopez hypes her new album without giving any kind of specific release date as she apparently wears a satin bedskirt as a dress.

Remember when it was announced that Justin Bieber was the 15 Year Old Man Of The House less than a half hour ago? Well, it was a short hour apparently, because now Joe "My Son Is Dead, Where's My Paycheck" Jackson is the REAL man of the hour. He's setting the town on fire tonight by... uh... sitting in a seat watching his blackberry for emails from his accountant. Stay classy, Joe Jackson.

This is the last commercial break before the big show, folks, so strap it down or go hit up the bathroom NOW. Fun fact: this has been going on for 55 minutes and they only gave out one award. A subtle metaphor for how much MTV cares about music videos? Yes!

Hey, remember 5 minutes ago when Joe Jackson was named Man of the Hour and some 15 year old "singer" was named man of the night? Well Beyonce is apparently the Woman of the Evening. It's nice that those writing classes seem to be working for those writing the teleprompters tonight. The high point of Beyonce's interview is her bodyguard accidentally trying to get the camera man thrown out. Nothing else of interest was said or happened. I think I sense a theme occurring here.

Sway is here to give us the winner of "Video that should have Won A Moon Man" where MTV tries to make up for snubbing a truly great video of the past. He hurriedly skips over the nominees and just gives the award to Beastie Boys' Sabotage. I'm sorry to report that an MTV Moon Man can cause throat cancer, so maybe it's best that the Beastie Boys never receive this prestigious and contagious award.

Well folks, now they are killing time until the clock strikes 9. So it's time to move over to the big show!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bomberman 2 (Nintendo DS)

Game: Hudson Soft
System: Nintendo DS
Online: Wi-Fi and Single Cart Multiplayer
Release Date: Currently available in Europe, no US release planned

Hudson Soft is once again playing the continents against each other like some kind of creepy 80s cartoon villain.

With the Nintendo DS system, Hudson has taken a weird regional approach to Bomberman, their perennial mascot and flagship title. In the United States, we've seen the release of the Bomberman Land Touched games, a series of confused submissions that can't tell if they want to be an RPG or a nostalgic Bomberman trip of the past. However, in Japan, Hudson has started the Custom Battler Bomberman series, featuring RPG leveling and the ability to collect and arm your man of explosives however you want. Luckily for those who can't read Japanese, they have also translated and brought this game over to Europe for importing.

Like its original name implies, this version of Bomberman is more battle-centric than games past. Taking inspiration from the Mega Man NT series, you log into the Bomberman system at the beginning of the game and travel to different levels of the programming in a very cyberpunk or virtual reality-influenced fashion.

In Battle Mode you can set up simple, classic Bomberman matches against both humans (whether in the same room as you or over the DS Wi-Fi) or Bots. Do you sometimes regret that online ranking systems only grade you based on if you won or not? Thankfully, Bomberman 2's battle mode ranking system takes into effect how many kills you got during the battle or how long you lasted, too, so the person who ducks around getting the last kill isn't necessarily the highest ranked. In a game like Bomberman 2 that can easily take over two screens of action, that's a godsend.

Mission mode is the real meat and potatoes of Bomberman 2. You'll find various themed worlds, each with 10 levels to beat each. There's the standard factory, deserts, all the old Bomberman favorites make a return. Each world also has their own gimmick, whether it be teleporting pads, conveyor belts, or magnets that draw bombs a specific way. Each stage is made up of a handful of sub-missions that flow from one room to the next. In one such stage, you might have to kill all enemies in the first room, blow up red or blue energy orbs in the next, find a keycard by blowing up blocks in the next, or finishing it all up by destroying targets with a set amount of bombs or time. In each world there are also a battle-specific level and a mega sized boss end level. The battle-specific level plays out like the Battle Mode does against bots, with you having to win against 3 computer controlled characters in a set amount of time. The end boss levels bring back memories of the classic NES Bomberman entries or even Blaster Master as you face off against an enemy that can take up nearly half the screen with only your trust bombs.

Throughout almost all stages, you can find new helmet, torsos, gloves, and boots underneath blocks. The amount of parts found in each stage if displayed on the level select by stars. Obviously the customization is a big selling part of Bomberman 2 and does play a great part in the missions themselves. However, the game does suffer a bit of MMORPG-loot-isms. While having many options is always better than no options, you will find yourself wearing a weird looking mish-mash of different costumes so you can get the most attributes and special abilities. I played most of my game wearing parts I found in the second level just so I can have the ability to pick up and throw bombs. Also, the parts themselves are all well designed, but do lack a bit of the weird Japanese kitsch the recent Xbox Live Arcade or Wii versions have had. While it's nice to see serious Bomberman costume choices, it would have been extra nice if we also got attribute-less costumes for battle mode such as the Ninjas, Clowns, Robots, Pirates, and more found in other system games.

With Bomberman 2, Hudson Soft has gone out of their way to provide the ultimate Bomberman experience. This does mean that almost all DS specific features have been used sparingly, though. The dual screen is used only to display your current statistics and the mission text in mission mode. Touchscreen use is minimal at best. And thankfully Hudson Soft has not forced its users to use the microphone. Battle-mode can feature battles that span both screens, though, and these are often the most frantic.

Bomberman 2 is a great love letter for people who grew up on trying to block your friends against a rock and an exploding place. While prior versions have offered precious little for their asking price, with Bomberman 2, you get a fully functioning classic Bomberman in battle-mode and an almost RPG-centric Bomberman experience in mission-mode. Anyone who loves Bomberman and felt left out in the cold by the recent US releases can safely import this game from their favorite video game dealer overseas knowing there is something for everyone here.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

2008 MTV Music Video Awards

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the first ever Ice Anvil-branded real-time recap! Tonight we'll be recapping and reviewing the 2008 MTV Video Awards as they happen.

Join us at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time as our recap launches along with Britney Spears' lip syncing return to relevance as the curtain rises on this year's failed abortion of an awards show.

As an added bonus we also are proud to announce the Crappy Commercial Face-Off! As a way to give the illusion of even the commercial breaks mattering, and a way to agonize my own bladder, we'll be keeping track of the number of times the following commercials air in two Texas Tornado death matches:

Taco Bell's White Guys Rapping vs's Annoying Yuppy Singer

An MTV Commercial Claiming They Still Show Music Videos
vs Commercials For Movies Not Coming Out Until 2009


Remember that big "opening performance" MTV has been promoting in the press for weeks with Britney Spears' big comeback? Prepare for a horribly written and unfunny comedy sketch! The VMAs are officially MadTV, folks, and that makes Britney Spears Ms. Swan. Just yesterday I thought Jonah Hill couldn't act... and there is the VMAs proving me right. We then get swept back to semi-live with Britney Spears walking from a tailer to the stage looking almost 100% uncrazy.

America loves a comeback story, and the fact that Britney's comeback here involves absolutely no dance skills or singing just proves what she was initially famous for, no? She then wishes the VMAs a happy birthday. The VMAs come out and mistakes its birthday cake for the Artist of the Millenium award.

Our first performance of the night! And it's Rihanna pretending she's Thriller, only with glowstick wands. So think Michael Jackson in a corset with a hundred Tacos putting on the ritz around her. Battle of the night: Rihanna against her backing track on the chorus of Disturbia. She can't even sing along with herself in key, folks. That's why Shia LaBouf banged her.

The only people showing off less actual human movement or talent than Britney Spears tonight? Rihanna's back-up band, pretending to actually play Disturbia live. I think the bass player officially quit and joined Pink's live band in the middle of the second verse.

Oh crap, the live band woke up! All it took was them performing a better song by a better artist! Then they went back to sleep just in time for Disturbia to come back. Take that, White Stripes.

And much like her live band mid-way through her performance, her back-up singers end the act with passing out. Dumb dumb dee dumb indeed.

Here's our host for the evening: the corpse of the lead singer of the Cure!

Wait, that guy's not dead yet?

Are you sure? Have you heard of the Cure doing anything important since the 90s?

Well, we'll just have to agree to disagree, because this British guy is yelling at us right now. He has now acknowledged that no one knows who he is. He's British, MTV! It's OK!

In the middle of this completely boring and meaningless monologue... Vote For Obama.

Emo British Amy Winehouse dude is bringing his A-game by calling Bush retarded, proving that he, much like 30 Seconds To Mars, is stuck in 2006. The audience of rich people aren't really accepting of his anti-Republican rants, however, since they love conservatism. Rihanna's performance proved that.

If this guy wasn't famous before tonight... he won't be famous tomorrow either.

Emo-Limey attacking the Jonas Brothers for not having premarital sex. The crowd goes awkwardly silence the second he mentions they have genitals. Hey, VMA Audience, here's a joke about Joe Jackson beating the Jackson 5 with a belt! We're cutting new comedic ground with Cure-Emo-Limey!

Ciera does not approve from the audience.

I think Emo-Limey just said only a baseball bat screwing will make Madonna feel like a virgin. The audience, not as medicated as I am, could not follow his accent or path of logic.

Here's our awkward transition into the first award: "I love the Jonas Brothers! And now... here's Jamie Fox!" Maybe the C-team from Britan's Whose Line should stay overseas...

Jamie Fox is here and he's tanked! He references Busta Rhymes' video from 10 years ago as he introduces the Female Artist of the night, which makes perfect sense if you are smoking something from the same dealer that he is. Somehow Jamie has turned his presentation into a second monologue and smokes Emo-Limey with pure cracked-out-edness!

Your nominees for Famewhore of the Year: Britney Spears, Rhianna, Jordan Sparks, Katy Perry, and Mariah Carey! Two of these people tried to slit their own wrists during the monologue.

And Jamie Fox forgets he's on TV!

Your winner: Britney Spears' video that was barely played on MTV, since they have to thank her for bringing them free publicity by cleaning herself up and opening the show. She thanks god, of course. Because really only god, or an MTV PR agent, could have pre-planned a comeback this epic.

At this point in the evening, it's obvious that the audience can't even understand Emo-Limey as he rambles at breakneck speeds.

Go get a soda now, there is no talent or comedy to be had with Pete Wentz and Heidi/Spencer.

Vote for best new artist! It's almost as vital as voting Obama!

Hey, remember that one Oasis song that sounded pretty decent and we all liked it for a summer? Let's cut to commercial with a DJ scratching it all to hell and the drummer from Blink 182 playing the one beat he knows over it.

Commercial Time! Remember our two Commercial Death Matches tonight!

MTV has decided to squish their commercials into part of the screen as they tell you what's coming up in 90 minutes on the rest. Brilliant! I did not expect Best Pop Video to be coming up. I thought after this commercial break we'll get figure skating or perhaps a rerun of Married... With Children. Thanks for setting me straight, on-screen graphic.

Much like Russell Brand's opening monologue, our death matches are off to a slow start:
White Guy Rapping Taco Bell Commercials: 0 Lame Singing Commercials: 0
Commercials from MTV claiming they play music: 0
Commercials for movies not out until 2009: 0

Brand now attempts to tell us the last 20 minutes were important culturally while introducing Demi Moore. The audience obviously doesn't remember GI Jane and merely applauds politely for the AARP member Ashton is sleeping with.

Your nominees for best male video are: Chris Brown, Flo Rida, T.I., Usher featuring Young Jeezy, and Lil Wayne featuring Static Major. Apparently this is the best R&B and Rap award, too. Do their autotune also get an award?

For the record, 3 out of 5 of the videos came out in the last month. Proving that MTV does not have any remaining long term memory.

Russell Bland really needs a sedative if anyone can understand him tonight.

Taylor Swift is here to remind us that even children beauty contest queens must grow up into awkward country pop stars. And here are the Jonas Brothers, proving the same thing somehow. Trying to get away from their childish former image, they are performing on Mr. Hooper's stoop, live from Sesame Street.

Much like Sesame Street: one of these Jonas is not like the other. One of them doesn't have any talent at all. if you guessed the ukulele playing one on the right, you are correct.

Mr. Hooper's Stoop is torn apart by something... perhaps Cloverfield, as 10,000 screaming morons sweep the Jonas. It's a gamble on MTV's part, flying every moron who would have watched this show on TV in to see it live. Their ratings will be me and Paris Hilton's publicist.

Did you know the Jonas Brothers are virgins? Well they are! And Katy Perry is here just to sing a horribly off-key virgin of Like a Virgin only as a commercial bumper. Way to be a trooper, one hit wonder faux-lesbian.

Commercial time again as I quickly come to terms with the fact that has only enough advertising budget to show commercials during the pre-show only. Our final death match counts are going to read like LA Galaxy soccer match scores.

White Guy Rapping Taco Bell Commercials: 1 Lame Singing Commercials: 0
Commercials from MTV claiming they play music: 0
Commercials for movies not out until 2009: 0

Katy Perry is apparently still performing, reminding us all that she's not Rose McGowen, so we should probably zip up our pants. She apparently kissed a girl and now won't shut up about it.

Michael Phelps is here and wondering just which agent he should fire, as Russel Brand speed reads the telepompter about a chapstick-cock joke. Phelps brings us Wheezy with Leona Lewis, T-Pain, and T-Pain's autotune and seems to be just about as excited about it as we, the viewer, are.

Leona Lewis sings beautifully and then watches her song horribly remixed into Wheezy's belt failing in the one purpose a belt serves. This performance is brought to you by Fruit of the Loom Boxer Briefs.

This performance is not unlike watching your sister and your mother fight over the radio station on a long car trip. Uh oh, Wheezy's Milla back-up is apparently legally required to be at 20% volume tonight. It doesn't matter if we can hear the beat anyways, since every 3 seconds are muted for uses of naughty words we never heard before.

Here comes T-Pain! And it becomes painfully obvious that he cannot sing without autotune as they play his recorded vocal part off the pro-tools at a higher volume than his live mic. He knows they sell live autotune vocal processors, right? Surely the artist who owes more to a computer program that forces him to sing in tune knows about this revolution by now.

At this point, T-Pain is not even attempting to hit any not, instead adding "Yeah" and "Uh" after every one of his pre-recording and autotuned lines.

This performance just might define current pop music at its finest, America. Aren't you proud? Buy Fruit of the Looms now!

Russell Brand is now talking so fast, even he can't understand himself. Someone is coming up next!

We opened our show with Britney looking great and coming back from the brink of self-destruction. Lindsey is now here to show that she's still on the downward spiral into being the next Tera Reid.

Here are your nominees for best dancing in a video: Neyo, Madonna featuring Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Diddy's Make-a-Girl-Group-By-Numbers, and Pussycat Dolls. Which stripper will take home the moon man! The Pussycat Dolls win by default since they happen to be closest to the presenters in the audience. They would like to thank God for allowing them to shake their ass directly in front of the camera and showing us as much camel toe as humanly possible and getting it past standards and practices.

Troops in Iraq: The Pussycat Dolls didn't forget about you. Their Balley's commercial was just more important than enlisting themselves to help fight on the front lines.

Commercial break as I remember that I did, in fact, forget the troops.
White Guy Rapping Taco Bell Commercials: 1 Lame Singing Commercials: 0
Commercials from MTV claiming they play music: 0
Commercials for movies not out until 2009: 0

Has MTV given up the act of claiming they actually care about music videos? So far the death matches prove yes.

Diddy's Create-A-Girl-Group-By-Numbers are our official best new artist vote counters. They have prior vote counting experience, as they worked in Florida back in 2000.

Yes, I stole that joke from Russell Brand's act.

Russell Brand is now just making noises, like a human muppet, to give the illusion of speech.

Welcome a bunch of people you never heard of kindly! People you never heard of are introducing Paramore, another band not actually performing at the VMAs itself, but on location at a place a thousand times cooler.

Live from the Whiskey-a-Go-Go, rocking out on the very spot that Brett Michaels passed out dozens of times in a diabetic coma and Vince Neil threw up, Paramore proves that absolutely no one looks good in bright yellow pants. Those of you who might be watching this muted and thought they were watching Avril Lavinge: don't worry. I have the volume on and I keep confusing the two myself. Doesn't mean Avril/Paramore Hybrid Clone Thingy is not the most bangable female we've seen perform tonight by a long shot, though, since her competition is Rhianna and T-Pain's autotune.

Commercial time! Which is worse: pretending to be chosen as Tila Tequila's next love of her life or Paris Hilton's BFF? Both involve the same exchange of STDs.

White Guy Rapping Taco Bell Commercials: 1 Lame Singing Commercials: 0
Commercials from MTV claiming they play music: 0
Commercials for movies not out until 2009: 0

Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn try valiantly to bring us our first commercial for a movie that comes out in 2009, but their crap romantic comedy that'll only bank 15-20 million opening weekend comes out November 29th. People with a fear of large crowds, see it opening day! I'll be holding a four-square tournament at my local theater as its playing, for all 6 people present.

Nothing is as it seems, according to Russell Brand. If you think about that hard enough, you can almost pretend Brand himself is someone interesting.

Slash and Shia LaBouf have taken a short break from drunk driving and destroying their hands with SUVs to present to us Best Rock video! Your nominees are: Paramore (keep in mind they just performed), Slipknot (with a video that just debuted last month), Linkin Park (who were in Shia's Transformer movie), Foo Fighters (who have no chance of winning), and Fall Out Boy with their preppiest cover of Beat It. Linkin Park wins as Slash laughs in amazement that LP is still relevant. They instantly call out the elephant in the room and proclaim Transformers awesome.

Linkin Park awkwardly thank only one person, and that person just happens to be one of two members of the band on the stage. And that person just may or may not be God.

Miley Cyrus killed Living on a Prayer in Rock Band, which is amazing, since I thought Bon Jovi did that when they released it.

Hey, remember Pink? Wasn't she great for that one CD where she was attempting to be a rocker chick? Well she's desperately trying to remind us that we used to like her still. Apparently mimicking terrorist attacks in her performance will equal many many sales when her CD drops. Someone call Homeland Security on the has-been leading the blue trenchcoat mafia while singing off-key.

In a surprising trend of the night, she rips off her pants and performs her song in her panties, too, just like Rihanna did while pretending to be Thriller. Because there's only one way to celebrate throwing a molotov cocktail through an innocent storefront window and that's pretending to be Joan Jett with no pants on.

Those of you with Eagle Eyes like Shia LaBouf, Pink would like to introduce you to her left nipple. Even with the nipple slip, she comes in behind Wheezy in the most bangable female performer list.

Commercial time, as I think about Pink's VMA performance of Just Like A Pill, that blew this performance of So What out of the water as if she herself threw it through a storefront window.

White Guy Rapping Taco Bell Commercials: 1 Lame Singing Commercials: 0
Commercials from MTV claiming they play music: 0
Commercials for movies not out until 2009: 0

Did you know we've had 14 performances of "Like a Virgin" in VMA history? Not surprising since 14 is the number of minutes Katy Perry has burned through so far.

Ladies and gentlemen, the only performance I was looking forward to with the Ting-Tangs singing Shut Up And Let Me Go is reduced to a 20 second return from commercial bumper. Keep in mind that we've had a good 4 minutes of Pete Wentz so far that have been meaningless and easily replaceable. Apparently, he got Ashlee Simpson pregnant and we're already sick of the baby, too. If two brunettes have an offspring, they are likely to have a brunette baby. If two vapid, talentless famewhores have an offspring, will it have an MTV reality gameshow by 2012?

Best Hip Hop video is presented tonight by Slipknot, as a stark reminder that hip hop as a genre is about as dead as Slipknot's career. McLovin attempts to sneak into Slipknot with a homemade lucha mask. That's how Slipknot found their second drummer, keyboard player, and bassist.

Your nominees are: the same as best male video with Mary J Blige thrown in. And your winner? Lil' Wheezy's Autotune. He would like to thank pro-tools and God... and oddly that guy from Linkin Park. Unless he is God, then it's just redundant.

Jordan Sparks defends promise rings because she would rather ravage kraft services than be a slut. That's YOUR American Idol, America.

And performing live from some place that's not the VMA stage (continuing this fun trend of pissing off the live audience) is T.I. He walks through a bunch of back lot movie sets as the camera barely focuses on him, making him feel a bit more like Pink does every single day in the process. His performance features at least 3 really obvious pre-recorded filming cuts that are horribly obvious. Thankfully he was dared to sample the Numa Numa dance for a song, and Rihanna was desperate enough to sing over it. For singing this song's hook, Rihanna was able to afford a pair of pants, so we all win. Especially Numa Numa guy.

Commercial break as TJ Barker continues hitting away that one beat he knows, this time over A-Ha's Take On Me.

White Guy Rapping Taco Bell Commercials: 1 Lame Singing Commercials: 0
Commercials from MTV claiming they play music: 0
Commercials for movies not out until 2009: 0

Sadly every commercial break has featured a spot for Transformers on Blu-Ray, so I might have been betting on the wrong horse with Free Credit Report. Well, that guy did marry his dream girl at least. Somehow had enough advertising funds to get on the VMAs, but Free Credit Report did not. Maybe that guy shouldn't have spent all his money on that crappy Schwinn.

The cast of High School Musical 3 welcome us back from commercial and sadly Hudgens is clothed so she's absolutely useless to all. They are here to introduce the new Christina Aguilera, back from repackaging because the flappy 30s singer act wasn't really catching on.

She starts off by performing what might be the most awesome remix of Genie In A Bottle ever dressed up as Catwoman, making this the best performance of the night. Did someone kidnap Soft Cell and lock them in a studio until she had the most awesome synthline ever?

Everything breaks apart as we morph into her new single and the song sounds like an interesting synthpop hit that would not be out of place on VH-1 Classic. Still horribly retro, but at least she has some excellent keyboards behind her. Is it sad that I'm one step away from jerking it over the keyboard lines and not Aguilera in a vinyl jumpsuit? Interestingly enough, it seems Christina is doing the performance drunk and/or stoned Britney attempted to do last year with Gimmie More, and she seems to be beating Britney at just about every facet, including actually singing live.

As a straight male in the coveted 24-35 year old demographic... Aguilera brought a performance that brought with it a hint of the VMA performances we used to see a decade ago. I will not purchase her new CD because of it, however, but I might find myself in a dark alley clicking a bittorrent for it.

Here are some people who think they are famous to give us the actual winner of Best New Artist. And your Best New Artist is... Obama!

Oh wait, it's Tokio Hotel. Proving that teenage emo goth girls can be persuaded to stop shopping at Hot Topic long enough to call MTV non-stop for a month to vote some Germans wearing more make-up than them into Moon Man bliss.

Commercial time as anyone who has never heard of Tokio Hotel wonder why that girl has such a deep voice.

White Guy Rapping Taco Bell Commercials: 1 Lame Singing Commercials: 0
Commercials from MTV claiming they play music: 0
Commercials for movies not out until 2009: 0

We have also heard about how Paris Hilton needs a new BFF about 2-3 times every commercial break. MTV apparently is more concerned about who Paris hangs out with than playing music videos at this point.

Jim Carrey does his best Russell Brand impersonation as he downs 40 Red Bulls and can't shut up in Yes Man, sadly coming out in 2008 and doesn't count for squat in our commercial death match. So close with December 19th, though. Sadly, no cigar.

LL Cool J welcomes us back from commercial, performing Going Back to Cali while Travis Barker continues that same drum beat he's been playing all night. He's like the energizer bunny with less talent.

On September 9th, we'll all pick out lingerie and wear it with LL Cool J and Russell Brand in one of many awkward segues for Brand tonight.

Hey, did you know Paris is looking for a new BFF? She's here to present something and remind us? She also is looking for a new BFF and only a reality show gameshow can find that someone, guys.

Your nominees for best pop video are: Jonas Brothers, Britney Spears (who apparently is having a comeback from crazy), Tokio Hotel (who still confuse everyone who has never heard of them), Diddy's Create-a-Girl-Group-By-Numbers, and Panic at the Disco (still looking for their lost exclamation point). Your winner is Britney Spears! MTV will hammer her successful comeback into your skull if it kills us all. She thanks God, yet again, for directing that great Linkin Park video that won earlier.

That guy who's not Kayne West and can never be Kayne West even if he has more talent performs us away for another commercial break, as Travis Barker somehow pretends to play the same drumbeat he's been playing all night over a drum machine. The guy is where percussion goes to die.

Commercial break as we all get time to digest just how far Britney has come in this predestined, publicist driven resurgence of MTV's doing.

White Guy Rapping Taco Bell Commercials: 1 Lame Singing Commercials: 0
Commercials from MTV claiming they play music: 0
Commercials for movies not out until 2009: 0

Lava Sauce is apparently more important to Taco Bell than showing off the amazing lyrical skills of the two crackers ordering 89 cent burritos.

Drake and Josh are in the house! And they have a Christmas movie coming out. Josh has somehow become skinnier than Drake using voodoo or perhaps Scientology. They are here to introduce Kid Rock, who goes on to rant about not lip syncing and actually writing his own music... as he moves into his single All Summer Long, that is just him singing moderately worst lyrics over the already horrible Sweet Home Alabama. Way to prove a point, Mr. Rock. Perhaps creativity doesn't come easy for a man when he's on 24/7 Hep C watch after slipping his Joe C into Pamela Anderson.

Did you know Mitch Hedberg has a new CD coming out? Isn't that amazement? Well, it's way more interesting and entertaining to think about than actually watching Kid Rock attempt to be Bob Seger. Now, if a bunch of Koalas infest the stage, or perhaps a frog hopped along I can catch and put in a jar with a leaf to recreate the habitat it is used to, it would be worth my time.

Wheezy jumps onstage to add a rap breakdown to Sweet Home Alabama All Summer Long, hereby making it the final mathematic equation of Hell.

Remember that great new song Aguilera performed? Those with TiVos are probably re-watching that instead of watching Wheezy yeah "SAY YEAH" over Kid Rock at this point.

We cut to commercials as those who used Kid Rock's performance as a bathroom break (and god only knows I should have) are just returning to be reminded that Paris Hilton totally needs a new BFF. Vital information must be spread, people, along with many STDs. BFF is officially brought to you by Valtrex.

White Guy Rapping Taco Bell Commercials: 1 Lame Singing Commercials: 0
Commercials from MTV claiming they play music: 0
Commercials for movies not out until 2009: 0

Mr. Made Up of Different Stuff Guy proclaims this deathmatch officially over. Taco Bell rapping white guys win with a stunning... uh... one commercial aired.

Basketball Guy #29 is here to present video of the year. Your nominees are: Britney Spears (apparently making a comeback or something), the Jonas Brothers, Chris Brown, Pussycat Dolls, and Ting-Tangs. One of these things are not like the others, one of these things deserves to win but won't. Your winner is... Britney Spears, putting a nail in the coffin of all those naysayers who said she couldn't sing by showing that she... can't sing! This award is dedicated to all the mindless pop culture reporters who went apeshit when they heard she was on the show and gave MTV free press.

As Russell Brand is hauled out of the VMAs on the back of a golfcart he almost flies off of, Kan-yay West (as Brand pronounces it) breaks his long running VMA boycott by closing the show. Man, that boycott ran for... just about a year. He's a man of strength and morals, folks. Somehow he manages to use autotune to sing in such a way that you can't even tell he's using it, hereby doing T-Pain's shtick better than T-Pain did. At least he broke the boycott with a pretty subdued but captivating performance as he actually sings the entire time in front of what appeared to be a Jawa drum corp.

Russell Brand ends the show as he began it: by talking really fast to the point of being incoherent about love and piece and god and infinity. And so ends 2 hours and 15 minutes of our lives we can never get back. Maybe, just maybe, we can all be Paris' BFF and it'll all be worth it.

I hereby announce I am boycotting the MTV VMAs, just like Kanye did.

In that case, see you next year.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Super Sweet Sixteen: Exiled

For years, MTV has had a steady decline into a fluffy cushion of teenage decadence of almost biblical levels. Not since dwarfs fought lesbians in the Ancient Greek coliseums has the citizens of a failed society been able to partake in such hedonism.

Of course, I'm talking about a show that features idiots wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on a one night event, so perhaps America has lost long before My Super Sweet Sixteen.

With MTV cameras rolling, My Super Sweet Sixteen featured a lot of teenagers (or 20-somethings pretending to be teenagers) as they purportedly put on the birthday party to end all birthday parties. In reality, they were spending wads of other people's cash in order to gain publicity on MTV's dime to attempt to get an acting gig or a singing contract, as evident by every birthday girl "performing" for their guests... and the video cameras rolling... and the millions of teenage girls who are watching simply because the show is in between reruns of the Hills. It's the modern day chicken vs. egg situation: can people get famous for doing nothing simply because they follow a show about people who already got famous for doing nothing?

I'm sure when Billy Idol died at gunpoint during the Korean War to protect our right to demand our MTV, he never pictured it turning to this. Surely the worst he thought it'd come to was A-Ha's Take On Me.

A few years and a couple thousand My Super Sweet Sixteen marathons later, MTV is slowly realizing that they are just plum out of drop-in-the-pan, up and coming yet one hit wonder rappers to feature performing in front of a throng of screaming upper class white teenagers. What's a music video channel to do? Resort to playing music videos? Have you seen the last Paramore music video? That's not an option, that's terrorism.

So Music Television, desperate to find something to run along with episodes of the Hills, has gone back to their former Sweet Sixteeners two-to-three years later to see where they are today. Surely after being featured on a television show broadcast across the universe showing oneself to the highest of bitches, they have re-evaluated their lives and done time in the peace corp or taken up a higher purpose in their studies, right?

Not in the Myspace generation, folks.

My Super Sweet Sixteen represents the ultimate in YouTube culture where someone is famous just because other people have seen them. Even years (and a few plastic surgeries for some of them) later, these girls still consider themselves the height of popularity long even if that BMWer they were gifted on their episode was a rental and the people invited to their party only pretended to like them for the cameras. The only Sixteener to actually have a career after throwing her party was already signed to N.E.R.D.'s record label before her episode, and since then she's only known for creating a dance that urges America to "chicken noodle soup with soda on the side."

So with this daunting outlook on the future of our Sweet Sixteen Feted America becoming grossly apparent, we now have the fun term of "Exile" coming into place. Often times it is considered customary for well off teenagers to spend a summer abroad after high school to really find themselves. Let's use this tradition to humiliate teenage girls that much more!

With MTV's cameras rolling on them again with presumably no clue why, the girls (and one gay guy, of course) arrive home one afternoon to find their entire family sternly sitting in the living room quiet. Surely an every day occurrence, MTV, nothing to be concerned about. It's not like the idea of the Family Meeting died out around the time of the Cold War and Duck and Cover. So MTV is there to capture a unique phenomenon: they want the girl's honest reaction to being bombarded intervention style, but sadly they are more dumbfounded as to why their just as greedy and messed up family are sitting in one room when there's HD TVs with digital cable, computers with Wi-Fi, and XBox games that won't play themselves in other rooms. It could be a microcosm for society if MTV were allowed to be symbolic.

Then the grim news is handed out to our death row patron: you have been greedy, we (as your parents and legal guardians) haven't taught you how to appreciate your wealth and good fortune as we ourselves revel in it, and, for the sake of human growth and extra promotion on television, we're letting MTV solve all the problems 18 years of crappy parenting has caused by sending you to a remote part of the world for a week. Because that can solve anything. Yes, even AIDS.

The girls are given an afternoon to pack for their trip to what White People can only envision as hell on earth, which gives us the delightful montage of deciding just which Coach bag will look cutest as you are running from tigers way down in Kenya. Surely you are going on an expenses paid trip to be scared straight the African way, you need at least 3 or 4 pairs of 500 dollar sunglasses to take with you. Then with their family crying and hugging them as they push them closer to their gate, our poor spoiled princesses hop on the red eye to realization.

9 times out of 10, an episode of Exiled follows a story arc so rigid you would think the story editors were using a photoshop template hacked into their Avid. Girl lands in place they know nothing about. People who live there welcome girl with open arms and very poor English skills. Girl is grossed out by everything... absolutely everything. Everything smells of dung and poor people to these girls which instantly triggers their gag reflex. You'd think they'd have learned to suppress that by now.

Right before the second commercial break and the end of act 2, the girls use a satellite cell phone (which I'm sure every denizen in Africa also had access to so they could order valuable medicine or get some phone sex or other crucial activities) to cry to their mommy or daddy about how absolutely horrible it is. Re-read that sentence. No where did I say "The girls confess that others have it way harder than themselves and voe to change for the better." That part never comes, children.

After our last commercial break, the story editors decide to throw us a curveball as our Sixteener suddenly realizes that where she's at is pretty cool and is accepted into the society with a smile on her face. Was there a whole two more days of the girl not acting like an Ugly American that unfortunately had to be cut? The editors cleverly found a plot device in this, however, as the girls room and work with a girl of their age from their exiled place of choice. So even if the Sixteener doesn't change or comes to terms with having to work for a living, we can manufacture a sisterly relationship between the two of them that bridges the gap between our cultures.

This show has the foreign policy knowledge of George W. Bush.

The girls, after having to endure an entire week in this other locale, then get to go home to their plush mansion, parents waiting to spoil them, housekeepers, and BMWs they invariable have dented and dinged in fender benders because, yes, the real world does take after Clueless. My Super Sweet Sixteen: Exiled attempts a stab at social consciousness but, in the end, it's just as vapid and pointless as the parties they featured 2 years ago. No one really learns anything other than editors can make it appear they have and the girls who come back from their exile invariably go right back to doing everything wrong they've done their whole life. There's a strong case to be made that sending the children is the wrong route in Exile. The problem doesn't stem from spoiled kids continuing to want to be spoiled. The problem lies with the parents who spoil them to begin with.

So perhaps MTV will gift us with a spin-off of this spin-off, a transcontinental parent swap where the lousy parents must go to an African village and walk miles for water, slaughter a goat to find their children, and make the tough choice of which fruit of their loins get the TB medicine and lives and which one dies. Maybe then we'll see some problems solved as the parents learn that money and designer labels can't cure epidemics and tribal class systems in warring nations.